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Wills & Trusts
Florida Estates Practice Guide Books

Wills & Trusts

     As the Chairman of the Board of the St. Johns County Council on Aging (since 1998) Mr. Boles offers to every person over the age of 65 a free simple Last Will and Testament.

     While a "will" ends up in court for a probate proceeding at least you will be able to put in writing the names of your beneficiaries.

Without a "will" the State of Florida determines your beneficiaries!

     For anyone that wants to avoid the time and cost of probate court you can use a Revocable Living Trust document instead of a Last Will and Testament. 

     The "trust" is also an asset protection device for you and your ultimate beneficiaries. The use of a "trust" also may provide many advantages when one is faced with long term skilled nursing home care. 

Asset Protection
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     Estate planning is about protecting your "stuff", (home, car, cash and property), all your assets. Not only during your own lifetime, but for your beneficiaries as well! 

     Mr. Boles always says,

"When I'm dead I'm not going to worry about a thing, but while I am alive I have the peace of mind that comes with knowing everything is in order. It won't get eaten up by fees, costs, and creditors and it won't take forever to do."  

     Once you have your estate plan in place you can go out and live life "excitedly and dangerously" if you choose!

Asset Protection

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     There are two main types of Probate in Florida: Summary Administration for estates under $75,000 in value and Formal Administration for estates that exceed $75,000.

     Both require a filing fee, a publication fee and recording fees. When added to attorneys fees and "executor" fees, the cost can be very significant not to mention the time involved. Many people attempt to avoid Probate by mechanisms that carry a great deal of risk. (joint ownership, "pay on death" and beneficiary designations, life estate deeds and the like.)

     There is no charge for an initial consultations at our office. Before you embark on an ill conceived estate plan, give us a call, (you've got nothing to lose!).

There are no bad questions just the failure to ask.

Medicaid Eligibility
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Pre-Medicaid Eligibility

     For all of us the "worst case scenario" can be long-term skilled nursing home care.

If you or someone you know is paying privately for their care then the enormous cost and economic devastation is a stark reality. Many people fail to seek information on Medicaid eligibility for nursing home costs. You owe it to yourself, your spouse and your family to find out if you can qualify for Medicaid which will pay for the nursing home fees. Lets' explore that together. Call for your free consultation. 

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